No matter what point you're at in life, we're here to help determine the best insurance solutions for your family's needs.

About Joe Mayer, Jr.

Joe Mayer, Jr. has been an insurance agent for more than
12 years. Joe's passion comes from helping others, and it's
important to him to protect his customers against situations
they have no control over. Having a family of his own drives
him to protect his customers' families.

"It's comforting to help someone protect everything they
own and everything they've worked hard to keep," he says.
"When a person experiences a claim scenario, to know that
I can help ease their burden - that motivates me."

Joe takes pride in being able to sit down with his customers
to create solutions to protect their families.

"I strive to help others feel good about themselves when
they make great decisions," he says. "It's in this way
that we get to really know our customers and build a
relationship that goes beyond agent and customer."

Community Involvement

Joe's love of youth and sports connects him with families
involved in the Plover-Whiting Youth Athletics, Stevens
Point Youth Baseball and Stevens Point Area Youth
Hockey. In addition, he volunteers for community
organizations such as the Boys & Girls Club and the
YMCA and for local golf outings and fundraisers.

About Steve Schneider

Steve Schneider has been an insurance agent for over 15
years. Steve believes that his role as an insurance agent is
to provide his customers comfort knowing they're protected
from life's unexpected circumstances. When it comes to
service, customer satisfaction is of utmost importance.

"Customers turn to me to protect their most important
assets - they're looking for peace of mind," he says. "For
families and communities to prosper, they need protection.
I take great satisfaction knowing that I can assist customers
with their risk management needs."

Steve has a passion for helping others - providing the
necessary persistence, timely attention, and a willingness
to understand his customers' needs.

"When customers keep coming back, it's a sign that they're
satisfied," he says. "Happy customers not only stay on as
customers, but they refer their friends and family."

Community Involvement

Steve believes that community involvement is the key to a
long-standing successful business.

"In Central Wisconsin's tight-knit communities, people are
extremely charity-focused, and they want to know that the
professionals they work with are active in the community
and are willing to give back and pay it forward - not just
financially, but being visibly present," he shares. "Staying
visible and connected in the community is very important to
me, and it's nice to be able to make a difference at the
same time."

Steve's dedication to the community includes involvement
as a board member for the Plover Kiwanis Club and as a
volunteer for Portage County Big Brothers & Big Sisters
and Operation Bootstrap. He's also sponsored events for
the Portage County Business Council, Stevens Point YMCA
Foundation, and the Boys & Girls Club of Portage County.