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Homeowners Policy Media

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Your home is a safe space where you and your family make memories together. And nobody wants to imagine what it would be like to lose it. But that’s why you should proactively take steps to protect your home. Not only does homeowners insurance help cover costs if your home is damaged by a covered loss, it can also cover theft, injury, and damage to your possessions. We want to understand you and your unique situation so we can help find the insurance coverages that are right for you.

Your homeowners coverage options

Your home is arguably your most important possession and asset. Let's look at some of the coverages you might need to help protect it.

Dwelling Coverage Media

Dwelling coverage

Helps cover damage by a covered loss to the physical structure of your home

Personal Property Coverage Media

Personal property coverage

Helps pay for repairs or replacement of the personal belongings in your home if they’re damaged or stolen by a covered loss

Homeowners Insurance Personal Liability Media

Personal liability

Helps defend and cover you if someone is injured at your home or if you damage another person’s property and are liable

Homeowners Medical Payments Media

Medical payments coverage

Helps pay for medical costs if someone is injured on your property, regardless of who's at fault

Homeowners Renters Coverage Media

Renters coverage

Typically provides personal property, liability, and additional living expenses coverage when you’re a renter

Find out your options

Let's find out which homeowners insurance option is right for you.

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What Else Homeowners Media

What else can homeowners insurance protect?

What to do when you need more coverage

Your home and your possessions are unique. And sometimes a standard homeowners policy doesn't provide adequate coverage for unique and valuable things like:

  • Jewelry

  • Fine art

  • Tools

  • Pets

  • Swimming pools

  • Home businesses

We can help you determine which special coverages, if any, you might need. We can also help you get appropriate coverage if you live in a condo or mobile home.

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We want to help protect you, your home, and your possessions. Contact us to talk about your homeowners insurance options.

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